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₹ 35,000

Colourful and High Definition Video Lessons
  • 3D/2D Animation
  • Curriculum Mapped
  • Real Life videos
Digital and Hands-on Learning Tools
  • Digital Fun Games
  • Digital Fun Facts
  • Digital Worksheets
  • Talking Book set
Dedicated Mentor Support
  • Academic support
  • Motivational Support
  • Career Guidance

Colourful and High Definition Video Lessons

Ignite the spirit of learning in your child with high definition video lessons mapped as per the school curriculum. The complete concepts are captured in audio-visual format, which provides a better learning impact on the child, wherein the child is able to grasp the concept and is able to retain it for a longer duration.

Digital and Hands-on Learning Tools

StudynLearn package contains tons of Digital and Hands-on learning tool, which are mapped as per the school curriculum and is the best study tool for your child. With its vivid graphics and intuitiveness, the tools makes the learning fun and exciting. Talking book set gives a hands on tool for the children to explore the world of learning in a more fun loving and exciting way.

Dedicated Mentor Support

Every StudynLearn package comes with Dedicated Mentor Support. The Mentors are professional Educational counsellors with years of industry experience in child mentoring. The Mentors have the dual role of providing both academic and motivational support to the child.

Online Document Centre

Every child will be given an exclusive Online Document Centre link, where they will receive documents related to their curriculum on regular basis. The Document Centre can be accessed using a login ID password, which ensures the complete security of one’s content.

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