What technology is used in education today

What technology is used in education today


Thanks to the educational methods of the 21st century, it is easier for the teachers to impart knowledge, as well as recognize their students’ potential. On the other hand, the students’ learning itself is hugely facilitated through the use of audio-visual and interactive software and gadgets. This strategic synergy of technology and teaching is what opens up new possibilities in education, and some methods have stood out as especially noteworthy.

Distance learning
Distance education as a form of education has been used for decades, but it has gained importance with the rapid advancement of the means of communication. Now it is possible to attend class in real time from another end of the planet, and even actively participate. The prerequisites for online education are an internet connection and a computer or another smart device, and adequate communication software.

Technology in education provides virtual attendance, live chat, as well as face to face communication with teachers and students in real time. One can also access the previously recorded lessons, as well as a wealth of other materials necessary for studying.

This learning method is used at many American schools, sometimes as an additional method of teaching and sometimes on its own, as full-time online learning. The possibilities have expanded so much that it is now even possible to attend the school’s extracurricular activities in this manner. And in the end, at many schools across the USA, one can even graduate in this way.

Computers and tablets in classrooms
What would an education without books look like? This question is easy to answer – all information would be placed on a tablet (or computer). The digitization of educational content would facilitate access to information, while hard-copy textbooks would no longer be relevant.

Additionally, computers and tablets help in the following ways:

they make education literally lighter (no heavy bags)
ease of access anytime, from anywhere
they provide a high level of computer literacy
they facilitate studying through allowing children to use multimedia materials
getting familiar with new technologies from an early age serves as excellent preparation for further education
computer-based testing makes knowledge assessment easier for teachers.
Of course, in order for all this to be possible, students and teachers must have access to tablets or computers, so that modern methods of education could be equally available to everyone.

Cloud technology
One of the best examples of the usefulness of learning technology is the implementation of cloud technology. Earlier use of computers in education was limited, as the sharing of data was comparatively complicated. Nowadays, school devices are interconnected using online software that keeps data in a cloud. This means that all information available on the server is accessible to all students.

Now it is much easier to solve team tasks, and share information and multimedia using cloud services such as Office365 or Google Drive. There are also specific educational apps that introduce children to this type of data exchange. The additional benefit of these cloud services is the price, which is a lot lower than that of buying specific software for each school device. This technology is especially important in eLearning, when a teacher uploads assignments and multimedia content for students.

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